Master Dog Trainer Neal Seaman: His history, curriculum vitae, resume, experience, seminars, lectures, demonstrations jobs and references.

Neal's Accomplishments The World Is Yours!

Instrumental in organizing the Schutzhund movement in the northeastern United States. A founding member of the Northeast Landesgruppen, becoming a certified DVG helper (DVG # USA/08 issued on 19.10.1982), recognized worldwide in over 140 countries. Training career began in 1971; since then, I have evaluated and trained over 25,000 dogs. Below is a brief overview of my accomplishments:

Greater New York Working Dog Club, Brooklyn, NY
Member and Helper in Tracking, Obedience, and Protection
My personal dog, German Shepherd, Brutus, received a perfect score in the first Schutzhund mock trial in the northeast, judged by Captain Haggerty. Brutus also received his Companion Dog and Companion Dog Excellent degrees, with scores not less than 199-1/4 per leg.

Algemeiner Schutzhund Club, Brooklyn, NY
Member and Helper in Tracking, Obedience, and Protection

Algemeiner Schutzhund Club, Jericho, NY
Assistant Training Director

Long Island Schutzhund Club, Syosset, NY
Assistant Training Director; organized first sanctioned Schutzhund trial on Long Island, at Eisenhower Park
My personal dog, Rottweiler, Hasso, who had only 2% total vision in both eyes, achieved his Schutzhund I, V-rated and Highest Scoring Dog in Trial; and the next day he received his Schutzhund II, V-rated and Highest Scoring Dog in Trial. At one year old, he became the youngest dog in the world to receive these honors (Walter Fletcher wrote an article on the trial which appeared in New York Times, August 8, 1976). At 15 months old, Hasso received his Schutzhund III, V-rated and Highest Scoring Dog in Trial; all three trials judged by Dr. Deitmar Schellenburg. Hasso's DVG File No. is A55, issued on 5.8.1976.

South Shore Schutzhund Club Of Long Island, Bohemia, NY
Training Director and President; organized and officiated 64 seminars
My personal dog, Rottweiler, Paix, achieved his Schutzhund I, V-rated and Highest Scoring Dog in Trial; and his Schutzhund II, V-rated and Highest Scoring Dog in Trial; both trials judged by Leo Meuller. Paix's DVG File No. is A551, issued on 5.11.1981.

Macy's, Manhattan, NY
Advisor for guard dog team which involved training the dogs and handlers.

Steuben Day Parade, Manhattan, NY
Organized Schutzhund demonstration for Mayor Kotch - parade had one million spectators.

Starrett City Apartments, Brooklyn, NY
Setup and trained original K9 unit comprising 30 dogs and handlers, and five teams dedicated to drug detection and tracking humans. Apartment complex contained over 35,000 occupants.

Farmingdale College, Suffolk County, NY
Made 40 misdemeanor and six felony arrests with Rottweiler, Paix.

AA Parnel Dog Training, Suffolk County, NY
President and Head Trainer, employing 12 dog trainers.

Man-Dog Patrol Services, Suffolk County, NY
Founded the first man-dog teams on Long Island, dedicated to high-risk situations.

North Shore Animal League, Nassau County, NY
Trained and rehabilitated returned dogs for re-adoption.

Very Brief List of Seminars & Lectures

Albany Schutzhund Club
Albany-New York
Boston Schutzhund Club
German Shepherd Club of LI
Huntington-New York
Miramar Police Department K9 Unit
Myrtle Beach Convention Center
Myrtle Beach-South Carolina
Pennsylvania, K9 Unit
South Jersey Schutzhund Club
Englewood-New Jersey
South Maine Schutzhund Club
Syracuse Schutzhund Club
Syracuse-New York
Virginia Schutzhund Club
Waccama Elementary School
Conway-South Carolina
Washington DC K9 Unit
Washington DC

Very Brief List of Demonstrations

Con Edison,
New York City-New York
Doberman Pincher Club of LI
Northport-New York
Kramer Lane Elementary School,
Bethpage-New York
Long Island McArthur Airport,
Bohemia-New York
Long Island Railroad,
Valley Stream-New York
Steuben Day Parade,
New York City-New York
Suffolk Community College,
Selden-New York
Tremont Avenue Children's Center,
Bronx-New York
United Cerebral Palsy Foundation,
Syosset-New York
Woodbury Center for the Emotionally Disturbed
Syosset-New York

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