KENNELS & BOARDING: Prices & Overview: Private kennels. Spacious grounds. No abuse! Dogs exercised daily. 25 minutes from Myrtle Beach South Carolina (in Conway).

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CALL for more info: 843-365-5021, ask for Jim. MAP US
Guests Are Treated With Loving Care, Dignity & Respect
No Hard Corrections
No Abuse No Electrics
Daily Personalized Outdoor Exercise Routines

When you deal with professionals you get professional results!
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Mon-Sat: 7am-5pm, Sun: 7am-1pm
CLOSED: New Years Day, Easter, Independence Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas

New Service for Our
Short Time Visitors

For years we have been offering for our friendly boarders (with the owner's permission) the option to have their dogs play in a group social situation. Now, even if you are not boarding your dog (only staying for one day) you now can now have your dog share the same great exercise and socialization experience.

Fee is $12.00 per day per dog

Pet Boarding & Kennel Services

Single Dog:
$19.00 per day

Combination Package:
(Two dogs from the same household occupying the same run)
$29.00 per day

*Checkout time for Monday thru Saturday is 5:00 PM
*Checkout time for Sunday is 1:00 PM
(After specified checkout times, we will have to charge another day's boarding fee.)

NOTE: Boarding Hours Strictly Observed Unless Previous Arrangements Have Been Made:
Mon-Sat 7 am-5 pm
Sun 7 am-1 pm

I work very hard to make sure all pets are treated as though they were my own. I am asking all customers to please adhere to my hours. Since I reside on the premises I wish to have my off-time respected.
Thank you, Jim.

About Our Facilities:
The outdoor kennel enclosures are 4' wide X 12' long.
The veterinarian is on call 24 hours a day.

Water bowls are washed and replenished as needed.

The kennel is fully ventilated, heated, and air-conditioned.

The Head Trainer oversees all exercise programs to ensure the animals get what they need.

Every other dog is let out in separate outdoor runs to prevent worm or disease transference.
All dogs are given individual exercise time, every day, with a handler.

The indoor kennel enclosures are 4' wide X 6' deep X 8' high.

*Presently we offer 2 fields and 8 large fenced in exercise areas:
Field 1 = 1/3 of an acre
Field 2 = 70' X 80'

Exercise area 1 = 20' X 12'
Exercise area 2 = 10' X 40'
Exercise area 3 = 15' X 40'
Exercise area 4 = 40' X 40'
Exercise area 5 = 40' X 40'
Exercise area 6 = 15' X 80'
Exercise area 7 = 25' X 60'
Exercise area 8 = 20' X 40'

A 4' high cinderblock wall separates all kennels for privacy and to ensure a sanitary environment.

All runs are supplied with 2 full-size gates (inside and outside) to allow easy human access.

The building is constructed of cinderblock, coated with impermeable paint, and fully insulated.

You are provided with the option to have your dog professionally trained while residing with us.

Every animal's personality and temperament is closely observed so we can cater to individual needs.

The owner is on the premises 24 hours a day.
The Head Trainer is on call 24 hours a day.
Every animal that is in our charge is treated with the respect and love they deserve.

To make your pet's stay most enjoyable,
we need you to provide:

*Any toys or special treats that your pet likes.
*A phone number where you can be reached.
*Your pet's specific brand of food, vitamins, and bedding.
*A phone number where we can reach your veterinarian.
*A description of when, how much, and how many times a day to feed your pet.
*Information about your pet's habits so we can cater to his or her needs.
*A list of your pet's idiosyncrasies (when your pet is groomed, bathed, walked, etc.)

Please Note: All clients must submit a copy of their pets' immunization records (this includes proof of a kennel cough vaccination within two weeks of the boarding time).

The owner lives on the premises!

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