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Articles and Information Table of Contents

At Aldo's Acres we try to not only provide the best living conditions for your pet while boarding but we also feel that any information we can give the pet owner will make their pet's lives easier. So we are now offering articles to help you with your pet. Of course not all of them will be applicable for your specific needs so if not read them and enjoy.
Jim Heverly

Articles written by Neal Seaman, Master Dog Trainer

Helping Prepare for Hurricane Protection April 18, 2001
The Perfect Pet April 25, 2001
Electric Fences - PRO or CON? May 5, 2001
The Training Crate October 2, 2001
Exercise or Ways to Make Your Dog Unhappy October 19, 2001
Obedience Coupled With Agility, WHY? October 23, 2001
Protection Training, Is It Advisable October 24, 2001

Killing With Kindness December 12, 2001 December 16, 2001

How Do I Pick the Right Dog December 12, 2001
How Do I Stop Nuisance Barking December 12, 2001

Horry County Gazette Article written by Ken Dyl December 26, 2001
It's a dog's life, or is it?
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Training Insights January 17, 2002
Questions and Answers January 26, 2002
Grooming Necessities Don't Have to be Expensive February 17, 2002
Obedience Training Doesn't Have to be Expensive February 22, 2002
Correcting Improper Heeling Techniques March 17, 2002
To Kennel or Not to Kennel March 17, 2002
Weigh Your Choices When Getting A Pet March 20, 2002
Disabled Need Well Trained Dogs, Too April 23, 2002
Questions and Answers April 28, 2002
Dog Collars and Their Applications May 16, 2002
Questions and Answers November 16, 2002
What About Toys? December 25, 2002
Purely A Personal Observation January 22, 2003
Questions and Answers February 11, 2003
What Goes Around Comes Around May 13, 2003
Please, people use your heads May 16, 2003
Why Not Write A Book? May 31, 2003
How Long Should a Training Session Last June 14, 2003
Small Dogs in Apartments, Toity Time July 2, 2003
Fireworks, Thunder, and Gun Shots July 4, 2003
The Most Feared Word - Housebreaking July 5, 2003
VPRS or Variable Positive Reinforcement Schedules July 6, 2003
Rolf, the seven week old Rottweiler from Germany July 28, 2003
More Advice from Rolf the Rottweiler August 23, 2003
Music, Sound, Bass Can Destroy an Animal's Mind October 7, 2003
How Young is Young to Start OBEDIENCE TRAINING October 14, 2003
So You Spoil Your Dog October 18, 2003
A Special Day Today October 26, 2003
What Does It Really Take to Train A Dog? November 5, 2003
H. C. Environmental Services Department December 12 , 2004
The Four Point Down January 18,2005
Medications for a Dog's Mental Well Being? January 24,2005

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