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Killing With Kindness

Most of us always have room in our hearts for either lost animals or animals that aren't taken care of by their owners. Any animals from either of these two groups pull your heart apart when you see them on the street. Underfed, thirsty, lost, emotionally ripped apart because they either don't have roots or don't have someone that they can relate to. We witness them being chased either by other animals or humans. Then, if this is not bad enough, we then see these poor lost souls maimed or killed on our highways and streets. They come to our houses begging for food, companionship, water, and shelter. Most of us, without thinking, respond because we know how desperately they need help. Even though we respond to their needs there is a devastating side to this situation that most people do not take into consideration. This article is being written for you kind souls that help these animals in distress, but you have animals yourself.

Animals that come to your door, that have owners who let them run loose, usually do not have their inoculations. Just by the fact that the owners do not care enough to what happens to their animals by letting them run loose is an indication that they also do not take care of their animals medically. It goes without saying that the real strays do not receive any inoculations at all. Even if your animal has gotten all their shots there is no guarantee that they cannot contract diseases (sometimes fatal diseases) from the outside animals. An outside animal does not even have to have direct contact with yours to spread a deadly disease. You can bring it into your house by coming into physical contact with the stray and in turn now your animal gets it. Besides for the diseases that you can bestow on your loved pet you can also transmit worms to them. How? If the stray brushes against you and there are worm eggs on his/her body, mouth, etc. you will then, through physical contact, spread them to your pet. It is so bad that if the stray has a transmittable disease all you have to do is walk where they have walked and it is now on your shoes. You walk into the house and you have become the carrier.

Take some seriously good advice, do not feed or associate yourself with "strays". What they carry could bring death or disabilities to your own animals. I know it is hard to turn your back on them because they are not as fortunate as your own animals but if you truly love your pets don't bring Mr. Death into your home.


For those of you who cannot resist helping the poor and unfortunate in need please take the advice listed below very seriously - your animal's life depends on what you do!

1. try and take the found animal immediately to the veterinarian.

2. when you get home completely get undress outside the main living area where your pet resides. Place all outside clothing in a plastic bag and seal it up. First chance you get wash them.

3. wash yourself thoroughly before you touch your animal or anything else your pet may come in contact. Remember if you touch an area that someone else in your house could touch and then they touch your pet this area must be cleaned because they now have become a carrier.

4. take bleach an thoroughly clean your shoes off with it

If you cannot get the animal to a vet setup a guaranteed area and the above rules apply every time you are in contact with the found animal.

Written by Neal Seaman

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