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Obedience Coupled With Agility, WHY?

It would seem that the average dog, who lives in the average household, who is being trained for average obedience does not need or require agility knowledge. If you listen to most "professional trainers" agility would be a waste of time on the average dog. Why? According to them the work is to sophisticated and unnecessary because the average dog will never have a use for the learned skills. The real reasons why they don't teach the average dog the agility skills are:

1. it requires time and effort on the "professional trainer's" part and to them time is money and since they are not getting paid to do the extra work why bother

2. they do not have the common dog sense to realize that a dog that is being trained needs the extra happy stimulation and feeling of accomplishment to make the obedience training easier on the dog and the owner

3. most trainers do not have the actual physical space as a training area to offer this so they downgrade its effectiveness and need

We here at Aldo's Acres do not shirk our responsibilities when it comes to the animals. Whether they are being boarded or being trained we know that a mentally and physically happier dog will perform and learn better. Our boarded animals are more restful and less apprehension because of the agility. They are content and enjoy their stay with us instead of being hyper, home sick, and all the other problems that are associated with boarding. All our friends that come here for a visit or training are offered our agility field to play on. We offer the following agility exercises:

1. cat walk
2. wall jump
3. solid jump
4. bar jump
5. hurdles
5. see saw
7. tire jump

To sum this all up is pretty easy. A dog whether it is being boarded or trained is a happier dog when shown that he can be accomplished in doing a fun thing.

Written by Neal Seaman

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