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What Does It Really Take to Train A Dog?

When you were thinking about getting a dog or after you received your dog this question was supposed to have been answered. Apparently most people really never addressed this issue either before receipt of their dog or after their dog has been with them as a family member. Why do I say this? I say this because most of the people I have witnessed that are supposedly "loving, caring, and compassionate dog owners and animal lovers" don't prove it by their actions. Henceforth, they cannot answer the question, "What Does It Really Take to Train A Dog?"

Before I answer this question I wish to pose some "answers" which I think most people would come up with. Firstly, it takes money, and in some cases lots of it. This, to a certain extent is true, it takes money because no trainer works for nothing. Their knowledge and expertise took many years to accumulate and it has fair market value to customers who don't have their knowledge and expertise. But this rendition is not the real answer as to what it takes to train a dog.

Does it take very expensive equipment, pretty colored collars, leashes that retract automatically, and stupid handkerchiefs around a dog's neck? The answer of course is no to all of these.

Does it take having a special breed of dog to be able to accomplish obedience training? Yes there are some breeds that take training like falling off a log in respect to how they integrate the work into their psyches. Where there are other breeds that are hard-nosed and fight the training every step of the way. But all dogs can be trained providing they have not developed such horrible aberrant behaviors that cannot be reversed.

To make a long story short I will tell you what it takes to train a dog: commitment, time, and patience. If one is not willing to treat a dog equally with the other responsibilities one has in their life than the dog will never get trained. Also, specifically, if the dog is showing specific behavioral problems - those problems will only worsen. I will go as far to say that the people who are not going to devote the time, effort and responsibility to one's dog should not own a dog. They should own a pet that does not require the necessary ingredients, in my eyes, to be whole: which is love and behavioral boundaries.

There are trainers that will tell you that they can train your dog without you being present. There is some validity to this statement. Yes they can train your dog while you are not present. But who does the dog listen to after that? Even if the trainer does a transference of the specific commands this plan falls apart in the long run. Why because dogs are not stupid. Once they realize that you do not have the tools to deal with the average everyday situations that arise, whereby they need some behavioral directing, they will inevitably stop listening to the command work. Since most people when they receive a transference either can't remember how to do the work (because they were not in on it at the ground floor level), or are not conditioned to respond quickly and correctly when needed, the plan of the trained dog turns to dirt. Inevitably the dog over time reverts back to being untrained and unhappy because his behavioral boundaries are gone.

So the bottom line boils down to personal responsibility for having a dog. Personal responsibility for training that dog and learning how the dog thinks so one can correct the problems as they come up. There cannot be any slack when it comes to this. Slack only returns having an untrained animal.

Written by Neal Seaman

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