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Music, Sound, Bass Can Destroy
an Animal's Mind

I received a telephone call from a friend of mine who lives locally. He said he was having a major problem with his dogs. This person is my friend because he has traditional family values, great Protestant work ethic, and his morality and ideology is instilled by him and his wife into his children. He is someone that I am proud to call friend. His home environment is stable, peaceful, and his children are taught respect for others and emulate their parents teachings. His telephone call was out of context with his lifestyle and the way his household was run.

He called up and stated to me that his two dogs just recently have started destroying couches, defecating and urinating in the house, are unsettled, pacing, and a host of other behaviors that were not typical of these animals. Both animals, who I have known over the years, never displayed the behaviors, which I have described above: they were relaxed, stable, happy, and a pleasure to be around. Both animals displayed their individual traits but neither of them had any anomalies usually associated with the horrors I have seen through the years.

I did not discuss what I thought it might be, with my friend, because being blunt here I had absolutely no idea what could have caused such a reversal of behaviors. Poisoning, a traumatic happening, both dogs getting worms and it is affecting them the same way at the same time (highly unlikely), I had no idea. So into the car to my friend's house to try to unravel what seemed like a mystery that couldn't be unraveled.

Upon arriving at the house, parking in the driveway over 75 feet from the house, the reason why the dogs were acting strange was wholly apparent. I got out of my car and felt the vibration of that horrendous rap/bass music. I was 75 feet away and could feel my ears pulsating from the vibration. Ears are built in such a way that when offending noises try to get in, they automatically try to close to keep the ear drum from getting damaged. This opening and closing can be felt because it also coincides with the bass stopping and starting in the music.

I finally got into the house and observed the dogs. They were besides themselves with no place to hide to stop the offending bass. The children had just received a new stereo and were playing it. The other sounds coming from the music was relatively low but the bass was riddling the house. He and his wife were busy with other things so they really did not hear it because in decibels it was not loud, but the vibration it was quite evident. As a note, the misbehavior of the dogs started with the introduction of the stereo unit into the house and the children playing this rap/bass music.

I explained to my friend and his wife that a dog hears at 120,000 Hz units. What does that mean to the average person? A female in her high prime for hearing, at 19 to 21 years old, clocks in at about 19,000 to 21,000 Hz units. A dog is over six times more sensitive. The vibration from the horrendous bass was literally driving the dogs insane.

I also explained to my friends that this horrendous bass also takes its toll on human hearing and human personalities. Over a period of time one looses certain zones on the basular membrane which is like a harp in the ear. Those areas, on the basular membrane, being affected by the noise stop working. It also affects the personality whereby people show anomolic behaviors such as aggression, short tempers, and the list is endless.

To make a long story short we had a family meeting, children involved, and pointed out the above points. We then made an experiment. First we put the dogs in the backyard. I then had the children lower the bass setting on the stereo, increment by increment, so I could not feel my ears pulsating any more. We then lowered it three more increments because dog's hear better than humans. We then brought the dogs back into the house.

Upon the dogs coming back into the home, at first they were confused and unsettled. Both of them started to pace and exhibit the behaviors of before. We distracted them with play and tidbits and an overwhelmingly amount of praise. After about 30 minutes of this we stopped with the distraction work. The dogs momentarily looked around to find out what was missing. Since the offending rap/bass was gone, they couldn't detect it, they literally smiled and sought their usual areas that they liked to rest in, and laid down relaxed and happy. After another ten minutes they were asleep, contented without a care in the world: just like they used to be before the offending rap/bass had been introduced into their environment. Problem solved.

Folks, I cannot express to you the seriousness of this offending rap/bass music and its deleterious affects it has on animals and humans. There are many studies verifying this. I implore you to please help yourselves, help your animals, and keep that offending bass out of your environments.

Written by Neal Seaman

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