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While traveling throughout the United States two things really got me aggravated and annoyed. In my eyes when one owns a pet they trust us to take the best care of them. Yet I see dogs being transported from one place to another in the back of pickup trucks (where the back of the pickup is not enclosed). I see dogs in cars with their heads outside the windows when the care is moving. I do not understand this.

First of all let us examine my annoyance. When the sun is out and you have fur, and that fur is unprotected you bake in the heat. Now let us assume the sun is not out. Now the dog has a chance of being blinded by a stone, a cigarette that has been thrown out a window, an ash from that cigarette, and anything else that is being blown around during the trip. It doesn't take a whole lot of sense to picture this because the occupants of the trucks and cars have a windshield and windows to protect them. Then there is the probability that the dog will see something and try to jump out: a rabbit, another dog, what ever is enough to signal this kind of response. In the case of a pick-up you could hit a bump in the road, swerve to avoid something and boink your dog is on the pavement.

Why take the chance, or better yet why are you not protecting your animal to the dangers that are being presented to him/her? Maybe you did not think about these things? OK now you have it in black and white so you can ponder the dangerous situation you are placing your pet in.

Written by Neal Seaman

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