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Questions and Answers

Q: I have a question regarding what my dog trainer told me. I have a German Shepherd, five months old, and he told me not to let my dog run up and down steps, jump, not to play Frisbee, and keep as much pressure off his rear legs as possible. He went as far as "build some ramps" , by my exterior doorways in my house, because I have to many steps for the dog to negotiate. When I asked him why he said "it is better for the dog" and he left it at that. Now I am asking you, WHY??--Doug E.

A: Dear Doug--Your trainer was right in what he said but was wrong, I feel, in his explanation to you. He should have gone into greater detail. Now for the WHY??

The femur bone, which is the major leg bone, when it is forming in a young dog the head is round and is very soft. This round head fits into the pelvic socket. If a dog's femur bone is stressed by pressure from jumping, walking up and down steps, etc., the head can become flat and in later life have a tendency to fall out of the pelvic sockets. In other words environmental hip displaysia has been caused. This leads to extreme pain, arthritis, and other unpleasant experiences for the dog.

The bottom line here is that you received excellent advice from the trainer.
Written by Neal Seaman

Q: My dog, when he is in the backyard, digs holes, uproots plants, bites our garden hoses, runs so much in a circle on the perimeter of the property that he has worn a path six inches below the ground level. I don't understand what is happening. The more I leave him out the worse he seems to get. What is going on?--Susan H.

A: Dear Susan--What is going on and the solution is extremely simple. First what is going on is that your dog is going bonkers because of cabin fever. A dog owner cannot expect their dog to feel free by enclosing them in a backyard for supposed "exercise" and "stimulus". All you have to do is start your dog on a day-to-day exercise program off his property. Take him to a field on a long liner every day and you will find his "bad backyard antics" will disappear.

I would strongly suggest doing this ASAP. To dig a trench 6 inches below ground level shows how badly the dog need the RX told to you above. When you do this your dog will be happier and your backyard will stay intact.
Written by Neal Seaman

Q: I have forgotten the answer to this question and maybe you know it. Why do dogs heel on the left side?--Jim H.

A: Dear Jim--In olden days when the hunters took their dogs with them, in order for the dogs not to sustain ear damage from the report of the guns (which was on the right side) hunters kept their dogs on the left. From there it became accepted practice right into today's world. Now all dogs, when taught obedience, are taught to heel on the left.
Written by Neal Seaman

Q: Do you feel Ring-Sport is applicable to real-world situations--Gregory L.

A: Dear Gregory--I believe any type of training can be utilized for the real-world. I believe this because when an animal is trained all it can do is make the animal "smarter" and be able to negotiate his life better.

There are many aspects in Ring-Sport that I would not teach my dog. For example the long out, walking backwards in a heel guarding a prisoner, guarding an object and ignoring the human, just to name a few. The reason for my displeasure with this exercises is that when a dog is in a real-world situation, since he has been taught these specific lessons, he could loose his life because of them. Remember a dog is only a dog and if he, even for a moment, thinks about the above exercises while dealing with the real-world, it could mean curtains.
Written by Neal Seaman

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