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Purely A Personal Observation

My wife and I have just completed a 1500 mile move from Conway South Carolina to Texas. During that move I made time to investigate other boarding kennels to see if there was anything I could report back to Jim to help him make his business better. What I mean by better, is to make his boarders and dogs being trained, more comfortable either emotionally or physically. I had the opportunity for overview at least 30 establishments in five other states. I would like now to take the opportunity to share with you my findings.

Out of all the establishments visited the only item I found that would make the boarders at Jim's kennels more comfortable was the fact that two establishments had pools for the hot summer days. There were steps to these pools so the boarders could go in and out at their leisure, to either swim and cool down, play in the water, or just lay by the pool and enjoy the shaded walk area around said pools. Except for these findings I found nothing close to what Jim is offering at Aldo's Acres.

I also did not report this to Jim because I know that he was planning on doing a pool setup in the near future. I also discovered that not one even came close to Jim's approach to training. None of the establishments discussed diet, exercise programing, psychological principals of training, different mindsets of the dogs being trained, and the various non-abusive training diversions that could and should be used to help the dog get through the training processes. To say the least this discovery was very disheartening.

I NEVER give kudos flippantly but I must say, for the record to the public forum now, if you have to board a dog, if you have to have a dog trained, PLEASE TAKE YOUR BEST FRIEND TO JIM'S. You cannot go wrong there besides for the fact that your dog will be treated like royalty they also get home-baked cookies. I cannot say enough about Jim's way of doing things at Aldo's Acres - but let me reiterate your money will be spent wisely. You will have a happier dog and in-turn you will be happier.

Written by Neal Seaman

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