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Questions and Answers

Q: First of all I have no idea why this is happening. I just received my dog back from a training facility which is supposed to be one of the best in the country. Everytime I try to put my dog's collar on he literally runs and hides in another room. I have had to purchase a collar which has a buckle on it because he will not allow me to slide the other collar over his head. When I have called the training facility, where he had gone to for training, they say they have no idea as to why this is going on. I need help. What is going on.--Jamie C.

A: Dear Jamie--I have some rather bad news for you. I believe that something horrible has transpired in the training of your dog by that facility. When a dog shows a shyness to something, no matter what it is, that means that usually something bad has happened with that particular object. We are not discussing here a little shyness because something is being introduced that is new-we are discussing here a specific and horrific aversion. Please read my article on abuse indicators and if you need help in fixing this please email me.
Written by Neal Seaman

Q: I have a 16 month old Rottweiler and he has developed a problem this week. Whenever he gets his favorite rawhide in his mouth he walks around challenging my family members to try and take it away. The other day he bit me when I tried to take it away from him. I am concerned about this because I believe it is a dangerous situation and can develop into an irreversible problem. Any suggestions.--Richard W.

A: Dear Richard--Your problem is common and easily solved. Why is your dog protecting that particular rawhide? Usually it is because
1. he doesn't have that many and when he gets in the mood he will not give it up
2. he isn't getting enough exercise and due to this fact he has become misguided in his behavioral patterns
3. he is becoming a big boy and his testosterone is kicking in

Except for item two which can easily be taken care of here is what I suggest to eradicate the problem. Get him a bulk pack of rawhides (usually about 35 in the box approximately 4"-6" long) and spread them over the entire house.

When he acts possessive ignore him and pick up another rawhide and put some peanut butter in it. Sit down and pretend you have this great treat and also pretend you are enjoying eating it. He will become curious. Let him come over and smell and try to take it away from you. Now he can't do this because he has something already in his mouth. Dangle this new treat in front of him and place your hand under his chin but don't touch him. When he reaches for your rawhide catch the one coming out of his mouth. After he has the new rawhide in his mouth and he settles down somewhere walk past him and drop the old one by his head.

Everytime this happens where he becomes possessive repeat the trade. Eventually, and faster than you think, he will be coming over to you to make trades and the possessive behavior will disappear. No need for corrections verbally or physically the behavior will extinct by itself.
Written by Neal Seaman

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