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Pet Care Doesn't Have to be Expensive

Pet Care Doesn't Have to be Expensive
It seems no matter where you turn, everyone has their hands out to take your hard-earned money. This one wants money for extended warranties, they try for bulk sales when you go to a retail store, you need this you need that and after all is said and done your pocket is empty and theirs is full. The dog supplies business is no different. I stand corrected. It is different in one respect; the retailers of said supplies play on your love for your animal so you feel guilty when you don't buy this doodad or that do-dad. Today's column is devoted to you: the hard worker who deserves to keep the money in your pocket where it belongs and only spend it on the necessities.


1. German curved slicker brush - This brush is curved so it follows the dog's body contours. If it is used every day on a medium sized dog, its life span is approximately 12-15 years. (Costs approximately $10.00)

2. Shampoo - Always use a dog shampoo that is properly pH balanced and has fortifiers for your dog's coat. Human shampoo or any other type of shampoo is not as beneficial to your dog's coat. (Costs approximately under $8.00)

3. Ear cleaner - this is especially important for dogs with floppy ears where the air does not circulate very well. This product should not be over used because the ears were meant to take care of themselves and if overused can damage the ear. It should be used only when the ears become extremely dirty from playing in the dirt, etc. **I would not buy this item until it was needed. (Costs approximately under $8.00)

4. Styptic powder - this is to be used in case you cut the quick when doing the nails. This stops the bleeding instantly. The trick in cutting the dog's nails so this does not happen is very simple. Using a guillotine nail cutter (see item #6) cut very fine slivers off the nail. The slivers should be so fine that you can almost see through them (translucent). Keep making these cuts until the quick is visible then stop. It will become visible to you because in the center of the nail you will notice a slight bulge (the size of a pencil point- at this point the quick is not cut so it will not bleed- and your dog has not been hurt). If you use this method, you will never cut the quick again. (Costs approximately under $8.00)

5. Shedding blade - an invaluable tool that should be used once every two weeks on a medium to long haired dog. It removes the dead hair. If after you give your dog a bath you can turn the blade inside out and it acts as a squeegee and will take all the extra water off your dog. If used twice a week on a medium sized dog it's life span is approximately 12-15 years. (Costs approximately $11.00)

6. Nail cutter (guillotine-type only) - (The other type of nail cutter cuts like scissors, applies pressure to the nail when used, and causes discomfort and pain to your dog.) If you buy a guillotine-type nail cutter that has a removable blade so you can sharpen it, this tool can last 20 years. (Costs approximately $11.00)

7. Dip (when needed) - dips are applied to the dog's wet coat after shampooing. Always start by doing the head first (do not drip it into the dog's eyes). Then saturate the neck and the rest of the body. If your dog has fleas, they will run from the head to the neck and the body where they will then be saturated and killed in the dip solution. CAUTION: only use a kitten or cat dip. The cat and kitten dip has the same strength as the dog dip, yet it contains Pyritherins, which cannot be absorbed through the skin. Therefore, your dog stands no chance of being paralyzed or crippled from nerve damage.

Now for the ultimate in savings: There are literally hundreds of items out on the shelves to help your dog's coat look shiny and healthy. Most of these products have price tags on them that look almost like telephone numbers. I have the answer so you do not have to pay so much money these products. Safflower oil applied to the dog's food once a day has an incredible effect on your dog's coat. Within 60 days (if your dog's coat lacks no luster) will make his/her coat look like she is ready for the show ring. Safflower oil costs about $2.00 (for a little over a quart) and it will last months. I don't want to your dog to get the runs from the new addition to their food so let me tell you how to avoid that problem.

For three days, apply 1/3 of a tablespoon once a day to their food. Every three days after that add another 1/3 of a tablespoon. So we got this straight every three days you increase the amount by 1/3 of a tablespoon and that 1/3 is only increased every three days. Remember only do this once a day. When you have reached a total of three tablespoons that is the amount you stick to. In other words when you have reached putting in 3 tablespoons total in the dog's food you never add any more than that amount. Sticking with 3 tablespoons is the maintenance amount. The above directions are for a 100-pound dog. For smaller dogs or larger dogs, just negotiate the amount according to their weight. I hope this advice has not only helped you to save money but now your dog will be happy because of all the good care he will be receiving.

Written by Neal Seaman

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