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Questions and Answers

Q: I have been told that using a crate is cruel. Why do you recommend it? --Debbie

A: Debbie, there are many reasons why a crate is beneficial. First they help speed up the housebreaking process. Second they help the dog through his chewing stages so he does not develop bad habits and also destroy your home. Thirdly they afford the dog security so he has a place to call his own and not be distressed by the goings on in the house. You are right Debbie a crate can be very cruel: if it is used as a punishment, if the dog does not get proper exercise, if the dog is placed in the crate and left in there for extended periods of time (over 5-6 hours), and lastly if when the dog is in the crate he is constantly bothered by people. --Neal

Q: I have seen feeding stands being sold in magazines and in pet stores. What purpose do they serve? My dogs have always eaten on the floor and I don't see a problem with this. --Rob

A: Rob, feeding stands are both physically and mentally beneficial for a dog. On the physical side they:
1. help the dog take in less air when they are eating which cuts down on the flatulation and the chances of bloat
2. when a dog eats from the floor he gets muscular breakdown (the pasterns) and develops leg problems from the stress-a feeding stand eliminates both
3. when a dog uses a feeding stand their feet do not become splayed (separation of toes and a flattening of the foot)
4. mentally if the physical problems caused by eating from the floor are eliminated the dog will not suffer mental anguish and emotional breakdown. --Neal

Q: I have been told that training a dog to do personal protection work makes them vicious? --Dorothy

A: Dorothy, if training a dog for protection work is done incorrectly it will make them vicious. Training for this type of work should be done with care and love not abuse and torture. Also there are very few dogs that can be trained for true protection work. If your dog does not fall into that category because of the fact that he is shy, nervous, overly aggressive, overly people orientated the work will cause these types of dogs to become vicious or it will damage the dog psychologically. A dog being trained for this type of work should be above all stable in temperament and should also be a little standoffishness when it comes to people. --Neal

Q: I have heard that rawhides were bad for a dog because a dog can choke on them. --Alecia

A: Yes Alecia, if a dog is not taught properly how to eat a rawhide it can be an instrument of death. To teach a dog the proper way of eating a rawhide is very easy. Give the rawhide to him and watch how he eats it. If he starts to rip off large chunks present him with a round bone with some peanut butter in it. When he gives the rawhide up pick it up and put it away. Later return the rawhide to him. Do this on a regular basis until he learns that by tearing off large chunks his rawhide gets taken away and he will stop tearing off large chunks. --Neal

Q: I can't seem to housebreak my dog. I am not making any progress can you help PLEASE!! --Gail

1. you must secure a metal training crate
2. section it off so the dog can just turn around and lay down in it
3. feed the dog at set times and no food or water after 6PM (if he gets thirsty give ice cubes)
4. at set times walk the dog before and after each meal
5. Do not line the crate with papers, blankets, pillows or anything else.
6. when the dog is in the crate do not forget to properly exercise him and before each exercise session don't forget to walk the dog
7. if there is an accident in the crate or on the floor do not scold the dog scold yourself because you have not adhered to your set schedule.
8. never feed in the crate it develops bad habits Gail depending on the age of the dog, with these helpful hints you should be on your way to a successful housebreaking.

Written by Neal Seaman

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