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The forces of nature can be unsettling at best. The fury of hurricanes and tornadoes are truly humbling and scary. As adults we can deal with these disasters with human rationale. We can evaluate the situation and take the necessary precautions to protect our animals and ourselves. Or can we? Do we really know what are the best avenues to pursue to effectively deal with these situations? This article is going to give some foundation rules which will make it easier and safer for us to protect our pets and to acclimate them to the upcoming situation. Remember your pets do not have the abstract reasoning that we have and their needs revolve around basics: such as being comfortable, having food and water, and most importantly using us for support in times of stress.

Make yourself a list of all the items that your pet is going to need to carry them through the hard times such as leaving the house and being resituated somewhere else. Of course the basic items are their own water and food bowls, special toys, bedding, treats, or any other items that you can carry comfortably which to them are home. Now for the less obvious items which will make the transition easier.

First get your pet used to a training crate. That is a crate that is made out of wire so your pet can view the world and will not feel that he/she is in a claustrophobic prison. Inside that crate you should place apparel that you wear that has not been washed and is thoroughly doused with your scent.

For example underwear, socks, shirts, anything that will say to your pet that you are there for support in that crate. Also do not wait for a disaster to hit before you acclimate your pet to the crate. Take your pet in the car, in the crate, to a place that they will enjoy going to such as a field. Place a collar and lead on your pet and allow them to enjoy themselves at this field by walking around, sniffing, etc. When your pet has had a good time and is becoming fatigued place him back into the crate and take him/her home.

When your pet arrives home allow him/her to finish a nap in the crate (the door is closed at this point). When the pet wakes up let them out but always leave the door open so they can go in and out at their leisure. If you cannot take the crate in the car still go to the field and when your pet comes home place him/her in the crate for a nap ( which is really for acclimation purposes).

The above information given still applies to this pet. Give valuable treats such as scrumptious little tidbits that they love in the crate. Let them have to go in the crate to get the treat. If your pet enjoys chew toys put them in the crate. These toys will keep them in the crate longer which is exactly what we are looking for.

Above all never get excited or angry around your pet. This goes for everyday living but this is even more important when a disaster hits. If you become rattled this will transmit to your pet and all the planning you have done up to this point will be for naught because your pet will become confused, emotionally upset, and will loose all the foundation work you have done. Since they cannot comprehend in the abstract like us, your behavior will make them dysfunctional and they will not be able to cope.

Written by Neal Seaman

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